SoTL Resources

A collection of papers, tools, and links to support your Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (SoTL work)
Step one

Complete the required course on the protection of human subjects (this is the new iRIS training program).
You may want to complete the self-evaluation for doing a SoTL project.
An online tutorial to help you get started doing SoTL work.
Access the GSU revised model Informed Consent Form.

Three examples of research protocols for SoTL projects:

  • An anecdotal or case study protocol (coming soon)..
  • An investigation of relationships among existent data (coming soon).
  • An investigation of a classroom intervention (coming soon)
You should know

that Georgia Board of Regents’ Policy supports Scholarship of Teaching and Learning as scholarship and the BOR Academic Handbook specifies in the section of Evaluation of Faculty that SoTL work is recognized and rewarded as scholarship and examples of  Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, Scholarship of Engagement, and Scholarship of Discovers.

Examples of SoTL work:

Craig Nelson’s description of the various genre of SoTL work (an older article but his ideas are still valid).

Georgia Board of Regent’s Awards for Excellence in SoTL
GSU Instructional Effectiveness Winners:  Click on link to review documents
GSU Instructional Innovation Winners
Recommended articles

Recommended Books

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